Graham Completes Inaugural Coaching Staff

(UPDATED 2/19/2020 with UH press release and official coaching titles)

Todd Graham has completed his first UH coaching staff, filling the last four assistant coach vacancies. Let’s take a closer look at the four new coaches and who projects to coach which players.

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What is a Grayshirt, Blueshirt, and a Greenshirt in College Football?

Many people have heard of redshirting and the now-2-year-old rule that allows a player to play up to four games and still keep his redshirt status.

But what the heck is a grayshirt, a blueshirt, and a greenshirt? If you have no clue what these terms mean, it’s best to read this article before reading my next blog post detailing UH’s latest coaches and recruits.

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Todd Graham Named New Hawaii FB Head Coach

Just hours ago, UH released a statement that Todd Graham has been named the school’s 24th head football coach, succeeding Nick Rolovich. Pulling yet another “quick” blog post out of my hat, let’s look closer at the last few days of the head coaching search and a bit on Graham’s career to date.

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Rolovich to Washington State; McDonald goes Pro

Well, this isn’t exactly how I wanted to interrupt my work week. In what has been a depressing past few days for UH football fans, Cole McDonald last week declared for the NFL draft and tonight, head coach Nick Rolovich accepted the job to become Washington State’s next head coach.

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UH Fall Camp 2019: Offense and Defense

And just like that, three months passed since my last post. Even though I haven’t seen one snap of fall camp, I’ve kept up with Stephen Tsai’s Warrior Beat as much as I can. Here’s my take on UH’s offense and defense.

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