My Visit to Michigan Stadium (2016)

Since it has been a fairly slow news week for Hawaii football (common at this time of year), today I look back at my 2016 visit to Michigan Stadium, when UH played Michigan at The Big House on September 3.



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Next Man Up

In my last blog post, I gave next year’s starting lineup a shot, even though it was several months premature. Turns out, my post was even more premature than expected.

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Who will start in 2018…and where?

Yes, 2018 recruits were just announced three weeks ago, spring ball hasn’t even started yet (late March), and there are several holes to fill on both sides of the ball. But I’ll take a shot at what the projected depth chart will look like for 2018.

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2018 Recruiting Class

Yesterday, the Warriors completed their 2018 recruiting class, signing 10 players to add to the 17 signed during the early December signing period. 25 signed Letters of Intent, while two signed scholarship agreements and will join the team next year.

Recruiting classes generally look good on paper at the time they sign that LOI, but it usually takes a couple of years before we see how good the class really is. In some future blog posts, I will do just that: look back at some previous Warrior football signing classes. Continue reading “2018 Recruiting Class”